SPIKE'S - The Boutique Hotel for Dogs

About Spike's

Spike’s is an upscale hotel designed exclusively for dogs. Our intent was to provide a higher quality alternative to warehouse kennels.  Because we wanted our guests to be well cared for and comfortable, we consulted with experts such as veterinarians, trainers and architects before we opened our hotel.

We are dedicated to the highest of hotel standards -- cleanliness, safety,  security, comfort, fun, personal contact, 24 hour on-premise manager and a well-trained staff are the pillars of our hotel at all times! 

Each room has been carefully designed so that your pet will be comfortable away from home when home is not an option.  Our guests enjoy the freedom of the hotel during the day and return to their individual rooms during nap-time and bedtime hours.  All guests will regularly visit our large outdoor “patio and gigantic dog house” created exclusively for them.  Here our guests can play basketball, catch or just simply take in the sun and fresh air! The outdoor patio and dog house area are supervised and carefully monitored at all times for the safety, comfort and fun of our guests.

If your pet has medication or dietary needs, we are happy to administer them.  No worries!

Oh, and one more thing … Fridays (May thru Oct.) are GRILL NIGHT!  With your permission, your dog will receive a grilled hot dog.  If you prefer a better cut of meat, you are welcome to bring it along, and it will be fired up for your pup!


Lobby Hours: By appointment

Spike’s is located at 725 Madison Street, at the corner of Madison and Euclid in Oak Park.  See map for specific directions.


Rose serving Bogie, Bosco and Gus